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1 Corinthians

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1 Corinthians gives us an example of the way Paul interprets the Torah for Christians from the nations. He tells readers concretely and sensitively about hope in the face of death in the midst of their daily lives. He writes down prayers and songs from the messianic communities of his time. And he contradicts himself - especially in his dealing with women - as he contrasts his ideas of how they are and how they ought to be. Luise Schottroff (1934-2015) guides her readers to discover Paul anew, digging through traditional misinterpretations, misappropriations, and monopolizations to find his original thoughts. The English version is based on the German 2nd edition. It was translated by Everett R. Kalin, Professor Emeritus for New Testament at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary at Berkely/CA.
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Luise Schottroff (1934-2015) taught New Testament at the Universities of Mainz and Kassel (Germany) as well as at the University of California (Berkeley/CA).
Everett R. Kalin is Professor Emeritus for New Testament at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary at Berkely/CA.
2021. 376 Seiten mit 13 Abb., kartoniert, 232mm x 155mm x 18mm
ISBN 978-3-17-038904-5