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Conference offer

Conference offer

Information on conference discounts concerning attendees of

  • EuARE (Bologna) 19-23/6 2022
  • EABS (Toulouse) 4-7/7 2022
  • SBL International (Salzburg) 17-21/7 2022
  • IOSOT (Zurich) 8-12/8 2022



EU and worldwide orders (excluding USA/Canada):

We are granting conference attendees a 20% discount on the list price up to 2 weeks after the venue*.

Please note that we are not able to grant discounts on orders placed through our online shop.

Instead, please send your order by email to our sales department mentioning the conference:

Shipping to Germany is free. For shipment to countries in the EU we charge 8,00 EUR and to countries outside the EU we charge 16,00 EUR.


Orders from USA/Canada: Please order via


*For legal reasons discount can not be granted on German language books ordered from Germany and Austria.

Wir können keine Produkte entsprechend dieser Auswahl finden